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Accessible learning for everyone,
in a custom online learning environment.

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Why choose Curriculum Creators?

Curriculum Creators makes learning possible. We give everyone the opportunity to develop skills throughout their lives in an accessible, inspiring and effective way. That is why we have been building online curricula for organizations and companies for over 20 years.

Who are we there for?

We build attractive online learning platforms for your curriculum, module, training or course. We do this for;


  • Academies

  • HR managers

  • L&D Specialists

  • Training Advisors

  • Teachers, Trainers and Coaches


Always custom-made and tailored to your needs. In an existing environment or completely new, we'll take care of everything.


We make learning and development attractive as well as effective for the user, while making your job easier.

How do we work?

We design an online learning environment that matches your corporate identity, with the right look and feel.


We think along, refine and sketch ahead. You have expertise in the content and know what is needed, we create and make possible.

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What is it that we create?

An online learning environment must match the type of education you want to offer and how you want to reach your target audience. Here's a sampling of our current work to show you what options you have for your own online learning environment.

Our videos and animations:

 For a learning environment, we create videos and animations to bring your educational content to life. You'll find a selection of videos and animations we created right below. As part of your learning environment, we create tailor-made videos to offer your learners the same experience.
You can watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

What does all this cost?

 First we will look at what kind of education you have and whether and how it needs to be adjusted. We will then discuss and outline your desired learning environment. After approval, we then start working to create your learning environment. We have been working with Postis IT Group for complex programming assignments for many years.

As you can see, designing a learning environment is a complex and intensive project. Let's look together at your budget for education and what we can create within it.


Use the contact details at the bottom of the page at the bottom of the page to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities. Talk to you soon!

Curriculm Bouwers aan het sparren met een client

Who are we?

Wicher "Will" de Hoo - Curriculum Architect

More than 20 years of experience in developing online learning environments and creative with video and graphic design in America and the Caribbean. Now full blast ahead in the Netherlands. Regularly trekking outside with wife and 2 young children and dogs, or on the Frisian lakes with a sailboat or surfboard.

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Matt Moss - Project Manager

More than a decade of project manager experience at a major American foundation.

A real team player who graduated from the University of Portsmouth in England before working in America and the Caribbean.


Currently living in the dunes near Bergen with partner, twin daughters and puppy.

Monti & Neva - Office Managers

Keep the office lively, are responsible for daily scheduled activities, and are always around to give an honest opinion or a paw.


The      uniqueness in 6 phrases:

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Saving cost.

Effective for the “student”.

Greater reach through
online setup.

More time for evaluation and personal guidance of students.

Create you perfect learning environment.

Make learning fun.


Want to know more?

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Leave a message using the form, send us an email, or whatsapp or call us. :)

+31 (0)6 31 333 001

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Thank you for your message. We'll be in touch soon.

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